Saver Makina Paslanmaz İmalat Tesisat ve Otomasyon San. Tic. ve Ltd. Şti.
About Us

Saver Makina Paslanmaz İmalat Tesisat Otomasyon Tic. Ltd. Şti. operates in the production facilities in Çorlu/Tekirdag with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of textile machines.

Our company, which has acquired the principle of quality and customer trust, has important technical staff having professional experience. Engineer, technician and operator who are expert in their fields are employed in our company which is continuosly developing and increasing its staff every year. For the purpose of meeting the customer requirements in a best way, we are working to present our creative solutions to our customers at the most reasonable prices.

Our company provides services in order to be able to meet the requirements of our customers in the fields of design, prototype production and mass production with strong knowledge of engineering and experienced technical staff.

Our company becomes a reliable brand in textile sector with its constantly growing structure, reliability, high quality control system. Our aim as Saver Makina is to protect and maintain our place in the world market in the level of science - application / knowledge - experience.

Our services include also after-sales service, installation, supply of spare parts.

Saver Makina; has adopted the principle of success in production, continuity in innovation and honesty and quality in the service

Our Vision
  • To become a machine company which is preferred in turkey and in the world, increasing the quality and diversity of the services that it provides
  • To establish CONTINUOUS AND HAPPY CUSTOMER relations, by ensuring the satisfaction of the customer
  • To keep teamwork superior than individual achievements
  • To increase the level of personnel development with continuous traning activities
Our Mission

  • To provide innovative services that provides benefits to the textile sector
Our Quality Policy

  • To have excellent product and service quality in order to ensure the satisfaction of the customer
  • To keep the trust of our customers towards us in a good health
  • To meet with our customers in common benefits
  • To work with an understanding of production that is suitable for business activity and harmless to the environment
  • To deliver our products on time
  • To make production in accordance with business and life ethics
  • To move Saver Makina to the top of the global competition and to raise it in a company position known for its innovation
Our Targets

  • To provide innovative products and services to the machinery sector, keeping the creativity at its peak
  • To be a brand that is preferred and that meets the needs and expectations of our customers
  • To grow getting into the new markets in textile sector