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Today, the textile finishing world is facing enormous environmental challenges. Water consumption, wastewater, chemical substances, dyes, electricity and thermal energy are the main cost factors of dyeing operations. It is necessary to re-think the productivity and the production process, with the addition of pressure to protect resources to the large increases in the cost of water and wastewater treatment processes.

The new EcoSalvo/S is the result of 20 years of experience in Dyeing with low flotte ratios. The new EcoSalvo/S which is a solid investment for every Dyehouse with excellent operating conditions, optimum input usage and reduced process times, guarantees, at the same time, environmental impact in minimum level and sustained sustainability. EcoSalvo/S offers new perspectives and possibilities for all innovative textile companies with efficiency and increased reliability.

  • 1kg. 100% cotton fabric can be dyed just 20lt water
  • Hidrophilic fabric can be work lique ratio 1:1,5
  • 25%‒35% electricity save according to HT Convantional machine
  • J-Box capacity 100‒300kg depend of the fabric type

  • According to conventional dyeing machines, the savings obtained from chemical, dye, water and process time can be determined as other superiorities of the system
  • Possibility to start with 1:3,5 bath ratio for knitted fabrics
  • The amount of consumed water and steam amount is less between 45‒60% depending on the type of applied process and fabric type compared to the other conventional machines
  • The amount of electricity consumption is less between 25‒35% compared to the other conventional machines
  • Possibility of 20% saving from the Dosing time with special dosing system
  • Possibility of energy saving due to low water, electricity and steam consumption
  • Possibility of time saving with fast heating and cooling technology
  • Possibility of self-depreciation of the investment in short-term
  • Less contaminated water with less water consumption
  • Lesswaste in contaminated water with consumption of low chemical between 20‒35%
  • As a result, protection of natural balances and clean environment

1. Nozzle Drive System

Proportional on-off process of the Moving Conical in Perpendicular Direction is initiated with 40N.m torque Damper Engine.

2. Circulation Pump Drive System

This Method is preferred due to ease of maintenance, operating costs and positive Vibration impact compared to other implementations.

3. Bottom Coil

Obtaining less pump power requirement, high nozzle pressure and heating gradient by removing the resistance impact on the outlet line of the pump without heat loss.

4. Plaiter

For options with large loading reservoir; plays an important role for the lightweight fabric to reach higher stacking capacity and for the heavyweight fabric to reach higher loading capacities.

5. Automatic Filter System

Enables to prevent time loss due to filter change at bath transitions and provides more effective filtration area with different puncture structure

6. Dosing System

It ensures that the chemical and colorants added to the system with the patented mode of operation are diluted to maximum in the main boiler.

7. Elliptical Fabric Tube

Fabric form opened in the desired transverse level between J-Box Tower and minimized friction impact.

Technicial Specifications

  • All metal parts of the machine are made of stainless steel raw materials in acid-resistant (EN 10028-7) standard and AISI 316L quality.
  • The stainless plate materials of the machine are European-origin and certified.
  • In each chamber, 1 number of toothed-type cover for the purpose of loading and unloading of the fabrics, locking security with pneumatic piston, sight glass in stainless metal grid-protection.
  • Illumination and washing system inside the body
  • Man Entering Lid on the side of the machine.
  • Vacuum-preventer disco check valve in unloading of the body, pressure presostad, safety valve, pressure transmitters.
  • Pneumatic on/off Breathing and pre-discharge valve,
  • Water intake valve of the machine.
  • Pump cold discharge, Pump hot discharge (optional).
  • Cold soft water intake (optional).
  • Hot soft water intake (optional).
  • Liquid salt water intake (optional).
  • RO water intake (optional).
  • Seam detection and cycle control system.
  • With the flow-meter, it is possible to measure the total water consumption and the consumption per kg/fabric
  • Inner drum system that allows operating with the possibility of minimum prevents pilling and breakage.
  • Platform that allows easy intervention to the towers of rapid fabric discharging with unloading drum and upper platform system.
  • Proportional adjustable Nozzle system: provides the possibility of non-abrasive and break-free dyeing with maximum penetration.
  • J-BOX plate with perforated side walls; base in film Size PTFE (Teflon) plate-mounted (3mm)
  • Circular and vertical type automatic filter system, main circulation pump is in the pressurizing line and it allows a possibility to operate without lowering pump efficiency (Optional).
  • Flat type, horizontal filter system offered as standard is located in the bottom of the fabric loading chamber and within the main body, it has a wide filtration area.
  • The dye kier is heated by a newly-developed patented coil system, located at the bottom of the fabric loading chamber
  • Possibility to work without creating cavitation problem at low bathc level (1/0,8 flotte) with centrifugal-type pump.
  • Possibility to prepare hot water in reserve tank, to send liquid salt, chemical and dye staffs to the machine. It is a vertical type reserve with a reserve capacity of 1/4 flotte.
  • It is heated by ring-type coil system in reserve tank, Heating gradient is 5°C/minute for temperature increase.
  • Reserve circulation pump Centrifugal-type pump (AISI 316L Quality)
  • Chemical and dye pre-treatment additional tank next to the machine are in volume of 1/1 flotte.
  • Dosing pump (of the additional tanks) is in stainless centrifugal-type in AISI 316L quality and leakage system is mechanical gasket.
  • Electric panel and automation system (it consists of main panel, control panel and valve panel. There is a possibility of remote access to the machine process computer with Ethernet connection).

Process Examples