Saver Makina Paslanmaz İmalat Tesisat ve Otomasyon San. Tic. ve Ltd. Şti.
  • The edge trimming system developed by Saver has been accepted as the primary manufacturer for the edge trimming system by eliminating the problems related to the conventional high-speed blade system.
  • Our custormers have been benefitted from this product with accepted quality, having special alloy steel blades with steel construction. Due to the specially applied heat treatment, the blades are at optimum smoothness.
  • The edge trimmers are used in order to trim and remove the fixed edge of the fabrica nd are mounted on the fabric transfer line of the Stenter machine and Open width Compacting machine.
  • The trimming position of the blades are adjustable and can remove the finest particles and part of fabric wastes through suction system.

Technicial Specifications
  • Benefits For Customers
    • Precise and reliable cutting at high speed ranges
    • Easy control and maintenance
    • Re-sharpening of blades ithout dismounting and abrasion
    • Adjustable fabric width
    • Long blade life with a special lubricant system
    • Manuel or automatic operation
  • Technical Specification/strong>
    • Cutter blades with frequency control
    • Edge trimming width between 8-50mm depending on the fabric type
    • Lubricant minimum warning
    • Continuous trimming at same width with edge tracking sensors
  • When Do We Recommend Replacement?
    • When the existing edge trimming quality is not powerful enough
    • When the trimming quality is not sufficient
    • When maintenance procedures take too much time
    • When the trimming edge does not correspond to the desired width


Component Description
1 0,37 kw 4 poles Gearbox (Driven Blade)
2 Driven Cutter Blade
3 Idle Cutter Blade
4 Wick Lubrication system contact point for Cutter Blade
5 Lubrication System Reservoir
6 Electric Motor (on Cutter Assembly)
7 Synchronized Motor (Bottom Blade Assembly)
8 Blowing Nozzle
9 Edge Tracking Probe
10 Venturi tube
11 Teflon Expanding Plate